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This course is designed to give learners the knowledge and skills to recognise the possible fire hazards in their environment and develop a risk assessment. Accidents do happen so they will also learn how to safely react and deal with any fires that may break out. This training course helps you to comply with the Fire Safety Regulations 2005.


Company and onsite training available throughout Ireland. Group discounts available. 

Online training is available and is fully instructor led, ensuring attendees have the opportunity to ask any questions they may have. Also available on-site at your premise or at a public venue.

€50 per person

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Course Overview

Course learning outcomes:

On completion of this Fire Safety and Warden course you will be able to:

·         Explain what fire is

·         Explain Fire Safety legal requirements

·         Explain Employer responsibilities in relation to fire safety

·         Explain the Fire Triangle (3 elements necessary to make a fire)

·         Identify fire hazards

·         Explain fire procedures

·         Compare and contrast the different types of Fire Extinguishers

·         Demonstrate the correct use of Fire Extinguishers

·         Outline the roles of a Fire Marshal / Fire Warden

Course Content:

·         What? Why?

·         Legislation

·         Fire Prevention

·         Fire Detection

·         Fire Emergency Procedures

·         Fire Extinguishment

·         Human Behaviour in relation to Fire

·         Roles & Responsibilities of  Fire Marshal/ Fire Warden

Course Duration:

Delivered over 3-4 hours dependent on number of participants.

Maximum 12 per class

Course Certification:

On successful completion learners will receive a Fire Safety and Fire Marshall certificate from Phoenix Safety Solutions.

Contact us today to book a private class or visit our class page for a list of upcoming classes.

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