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This training will give you the knowledge to identify areas for infection contamination and the skills to prevent this from happening.

Online and onsite training available throughout Ireland. Group discounts and funding available. 

This training is available online and is fully instructor led. Each attendee will then be given a date and time for their practical which will be done online. Classroom training is also available.

€50 per person

Infection Prevention & Control: About

Course Overview

Topics covered are:

• Chain of Infection
• Healthcare associated Infection
• Antimicrobial Resistance
• Introduction to standard and transmission-based precautions
• Hand hygiene including use of different agents, technique
• Respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette
• Awareness of how to access authoritative sources of IPC
• Identifying incidents and risks relating to IPC
• Communication relating to IPC
• Management of blood or body fluid exposure
• Infectious conditions that may require absence from work or work restrictions
• Personal protective equipment
• Environmental hygiene and management of spillages


3 hours plus 15 minute practical

Certification given to all attendees.

Based on QQI’s Level 5 Infection Control, HPSC’s Guidelines on Infection Prevention and Control and the HSE’s Core Infection Prevention, Control Knowledge and Skills Framework Document

Maximum of 12 per class

Contact us today to book a private class or visit our class page for a list of upcoming classes.

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